Working Tree - Confimea Imprese

Confimea Imprese includes in its Structure a Temporary Agency, named Working Tree Srl, registered in Sec. I of the Ministry of Labor's Computer Register with authorization No. 384 of 25/11/2016.

The Staff of Working Tree Srl has many years of experience at the National and International level in the field of human resource management.

Through the agency, companies have the opportunity to "rent" temporary employees, as, Working Tree Srl being a Temporary Agency is able to provide the company with temporary/provisional staff for the days needed.

In order to have the possibility to use temporary/provisional staff, it is necessary to enter into the Contract of Administration, governed by Legislative Decree No. 276/2003, as per Law No. 30/2003 - Biagi Law.

With the Administration Contract, the Employment Relationship is established between 3 Subjects:

    • The Employee Provider Company that is registered in an appropriate Register;
    • The Worker;
    • The Worker's User Company, then, at which the worker will go to work.

And the Contracts to be entered into are:

    • The Administration Contract between the Provider Agency and the User Company;
    • The actual Employment Contract between the Provider Agency and the Worker.


Our company for the work is branched on the National Territory and enables the realization of innovative, effective and safe solutions for all Enterprises.


Working Tree Services Ltd - Temp Agency:

    • Fixed-term administration
    • Open-ended administration
    • H.R. consulting
    • Search and selection
    • Training
    • Outplacement



1. Organization:A new organizational model based on a network of Professionals bound by a single code of ethics;
2. Service:A single point of contact to meet personal flexibility needs
3. Warranty:A Network of Experienced and Specialized Professionals in Human Resource Services.


Tel: 0541.1837162