Video and interviews - first national ebg-ugl-confimea congress "positive business energy".

"Bilaterality is back in fashion, and in our opinion it is innovation: working together between business and the workers' union. This gives energy to businesses and therefore positivity to also turn things around and start doing something new and get that Italian production system, which is based on small and medium-sized businesses, back on its feet, which is currently given little consideration.". Roberto Nardella, Ebg-Confimea Cfc president, said this on the sidelines of the first Ebg-Ugl-Confimea national congress.

The representative poles must innovate their system of representativeness by working together with businesses on the ground, protecting them from bureaucratic pressure and helping them to create the new system of BUSINESS NETWORKS, which, in addition to bringing innovation and benefits for all, will certainly create greater cost savings and better governance of entrepreneurial risks. All this will bring change, which is necessary to renew the system of doing business, creating supply chains in order to re-integrate struggling enterprises into the production system. The interconfederal agreement signed between Confimea and UGL, is an agreement built around the concept of working in unison on our SMEs, continues President Nardella, in order to help Enterprises to be innovative, where workers, while being protected by the union, are also active components in the development of the enterprise itself:

"I believe this is the first agreement in Italy between the social partners aimed exclusively at SMEs. We are confident, therefore, that an economic policy based on the business network and actively aided by the social partners can bring innovation, training and information, which are the keys to growth."

The Italian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise is "the Italian way of doing business"

The congress was attended by UGL General Secretary Paolo Capone, EBG V.President and UGL Tertiary Secretary Luca Malcotti, the Hon Renata Polverini, Vice President of the Labor Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Sen. G. Quagliariello, Sen. G. Santini, Confimea General Manager Diego Pizzicaroli, CFC Vice President and Fonditalia President Francesco Franco