No. 9 - confimea enterprises and google


For a New WEB World

Confimea Imprese is an open and innovative Confederation and is a promoter for all its Federations and the entire Confederation world, as Interlocutor and Dragger, of innovation through its WIB Study Center with Google, following the Agreement signed between the Confederation and Google.

Our WIB Study Center, being a Google Premier Partner, is part of the advertising program created by Google to support Nonprofit Organizations with advertisements on the Search Network, or Google's search network, completely free of charge.

Confimea Imprese adhering to this program, informs its Federations of the opportunity to have a monthly budget available for each of them to invest in "Pay per Click" Advertising Campaigns in the Google Adwords network, the Advertiser will pay only when a user clicks on the ad.

Each month you will receive €10,000.00 in nonprofit advertising from Google to create text ads, and you will have access to tools that will help you create effective campaigns that can be displayed in Google Search.

Clearly, domains must be approved by Google and must be owned, high quality, and commercial activity cannot be the purpose of the Web Site.

Our WIB Study Center is available to you to give you support for enrollment, account creation at Google, ad and campaign creation as well as ongoing management and monitoring.

This is a unique opportunity offered by Confimea Imprese.

Inquire now by writing to our dedicated e-mail: