No. 5 - active broker

Activate Broker

Insurance Brokerage Company of Confimea Imprese

Attiva Broker is the Insurance Brokerage Company within the Confimea Imprese System, with the task of meeting the needs/requirements of the member companies of the Confederal System.

Attiva Broker was born from the synergy of a number of Professionals who wanted to make their experience in the Insurance field available to the Confederation and its member companies as well as to Individuals.

Over the years, the Brokerage Company has specialized in various Sectors, including: Construction, Tertiary, Engineering, Ecology and Environment, Tourism, Agribusiness, Transportation and Handicrafts, with the aim of meeting all the needs of our Federations, and the primary need found in Companies is the protection of Company Assets, therefore, the protection of Capital Assets and that of Employees.

Attiva Broker is able to offer member companies a wide range of insurance coverage, surety bonds and sureties, products that are sure to be of interest to the company both for their production activities and against the main risks that their Employees may run within the Company itself, such as accidents and occupational diseases.

For more information contact your A.T.C. territorial reference or send an inquiry to Attiva Broker at

Attiva Broker is a unique and important Confederal Service