No. 38 - partnership launched with the republic of liberia

Partnership with the Republic of Liberia initiated

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In fact, last Tuesday, July 27, an event was held in Rome entitled "Creating Synergies among Italian Entrepreneurs in Providing Our Know-How and Made in Italy to Businesses in Liberia."

During the event, which sanctionedConfimea Mediterraneo's Agreement with the Republic of Liberia, Confimea President Roberto Nardella spoke about the possibility for Italian and Liberian companies to have a lasting free trade.

"Confimea Imprese is focused on the relocation of products and not of production sites in order not to create unemployment and, at the same time, bring development to our businesses. This will make the presence of our economic system more effective in international markets ( in addition to Liberia, ECOWAS states and North African countries such as Tunisia and Morocco) as our philosophy is to export Made in Italy." These are the words of President Roberto Nardella, also reported by news outlets.

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