No. 36 - confimea's federation of internationalization

Confimea's Federation of Internationalization.

Confimea Mediterraneo is the association of SMEs in the Mediterranean basin, accredited in the Transparency Register of the European Parliament with EU Accreditation Number 381489842559-09.

The Institutions envision the establishment of a free trade zone that in weight and size will be among the largest in the world.

It is a unique opportunity for economic growth and stability in the Mediterranean area, designed to increase trade transactions and investment flows between member states.

The goals of Confimea Mediterranean

Helping Italian traders and SMEs expand markets through the distribution of Made in Italy products in the Mediterranean regions, following a business culture training and fostering both cultural and product interchange.

In fact, Confimea Mediterraneo associates Trade Associations present in Mediterranean countries and in countries that already have economic and/or social relations with the Mediterranean.

The advantages

A greater and more effective presence in the international market with synergies between Italian entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from the Mediterranean basin.

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