No.20 - finance tools in confimea enterprises

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Finance tools in Confimea Imprese

For a business, financing is one of the key functions in realizing the company's goals: effective financial management aimed at ensuring liquidity is as vital as blood circulation is to the human body.

To the already precarious economic environment, the deep crisis due to COVID-19 has now been added and, for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is becoming increasingly difficult to access financial instruments and markets, which in recent months have forced the government to issue several DCPMs trying to secure liquidity.

Along with what has already been presented by the government, Confimea Imprese wanted to strengthen the various funding lines by making available to its member companies three projects tailored to Italian SMEs:


is the project tailored to the Italian SME, with easily verifiable delivery parameters and accessible by a multiplicity of companies operating in various sectors:


3. FIDI CONSORTIUM - supervised by the Bank of Italy

is the tool available to Confimea Imprese member companies to access bank financing with an additional 80 percent guarantee.

All processes are streamlined, simple and fast

We preemptively verify the company rating through "Business Analysis" and if the parameters match, in 15 working days we arrive at disbursement to the company's bank account.

The time factor becomes very important.

Having quick answers, determines the continuity or otherwise of the enterprise

Confimea is there and is ready to assist its members.