No. 2 - covid-19 health emergency: the measures to help enterprises

Emergency Health COVID-19

Measures in aid of Enterprises

The Institutional Affairs Committee - Real Estate Sector together with the President's Office of Confimea Imprese outlined the programmatic directions outlining Confimea's contribution at this difficult time for the country in support of Small and Medium Enterprises and emphasized that there is a need to become aware of the need to secure people's lives and at the same time make sure that the productive structure is maintained to be ready when Italy must be rebuilt.

In this project, Confimea Imprese is ready to play its part.

In order to do this, it is necessary to amplify the channels of interlocution with the government to signal the need to ensure adequate support for companies and self-employed workers affected by the effects of the emergency, in terms of reduced level of activity and turnover with consequent impact on liquidity.

This requires the immediate introduction of measures to suspend tax and contribution payments.

Apparently, the draft decree under preparation seems to go in this direction since it should provide for the postponement of tax and contribution payments (as early as the upcoming March 16 deadline for VAT payment) and should affect people and businesses that have suffered a loss of turnover of at least 25 percent: the mechanism that should be launched as early as tomorrow and in any case by 15.3 and should be similar to that adopted in case of disaster emergencies.

Another measure under consideration is the layoff fund, which can be applied to small and medium-sized businesses (even those with fewer than 5 employees) but in any case cannot exceed 1,150 euros per month.

The Institutional Affairs Commission - Real Estate Sector and the Confimea Imprese Management felt it was essential to reiterate , in the institutional venues , the needs to conceive the measures to economic support in a long-term projection and not as a temporary buffer.

We need to make sure that this very serious crisis can be an opportunity for liquidity infusion that can not only overcome the current moment but innervate the entire productive structure by fostering recovery and employment.

In the coming hours, the Commission, which has resolved, given the difficult moment, to open a permanent consultation table, will review what is provided for in the forthcoming decree.