No.19 - documentary request in case of itl verification for covid-19


Document request in case of ITL verification for COVID-19

Following the publication of the shared protocol between the government and some of the Social Partners on March 14, 2020, ITLs (Territorial Labor Inspectorate) are tasked with verifying, both electronically and in person, that companies have implemented the health provisions issued.

Therefore, in order not to incur penalties, the following documentation must be submitted:

  • Self-declaration questionnaire of good health status;
  • Copies of purchase invoices for PPE required to ensure compliance with health guidelines;
  • Copies of purchase invoices for hand sanitizing liquids and/or gels made available to staff;
  • Copies of the forms signed by workers, attesting to the delivery of PPE, sanitizing liquids and/or gels, and other garrisons;
  • Copy of purchase invoice for body temperature thermometer;
  • Copy of invoice for payment of periodic sanitation service of the premises;
  • Copy of documentation proving any activities provided to employees for prevention from covid-19 virus infection;
  • Copy of documentation proving any training provided to employees for covid-19 virus infection prevention;
  • Copy of documentation proving the information activity provided to employees for prevention from covid-19 virus infection;
  • Names, telephone and e-mail (email and/or pec) contact information of the following individuals:
    • RLS / RLST
    • Competent doctor of the cases provided for in Legislative Decree 81/08, as amended and supplemented
    • RSUs (if any)
  • Copy of the valid identity document of the legal representative/employer


If your company has not yet appointed a RLST please contact the EBIGEN Secretariat immediately for coverage of that position.

Confimea National Secretariat  

For more information write to or call 0541/1837161.