No. 12 - the conciliation commission

Disputes in the company

The Conciliation Commission

The Trade Union Conciliation Service allows for the termination of job differences, changes in the applicable collective bargaining agreement, termination of employment or a dispute due to economic reasons between Employer and Employee in cases of pay differences.

With Labor Conciliation, the worker gives up the claim to his or her rights in exchange for an economic settlement.

Conciliation can be:

Judicial Conc iliation-Administrative Conciliation - Conciliation in Protected Venue.

Benefits for Associates.:

Conciliations will be carried out directly at the A.T.C. Headquarters since said Headquarters is a "Protected Location."

The company must make a request for Conciliation through the A.T.C. to which it belongs by completing the Form Conciliation Activity Request Technical Form (downloadable from the Confimea website), after which the A.T.C. will forward it to the Conciliation Commission Secretariat.

The Commission assesses the feasibility of the same and arranges for the conciliation section with the presence of the Conciliator from the UGL union side and the Conciliator from Confimea Imprese, in order, to draw up the Conciliation Minutes and for the settlement of the conciliatory activity.

At this moment in history, the Enterprises have at their disposal these confederal services that serve to settle some small disputes that are slumbering, but which, if they are not to be discussed and defined, can be unfortunate in the face of an inspection by the authorities.

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