No. 11 - the 2nd level collective agreements.

2nd Level Collective Bargaining Agreements

Proximity or Corporate Contracts

Level II Contracts are flexible instruments that allow the integration of certain economic and regulatory institutions governed by National Collective Bargaining Agreements (CCNLs) or specific regulations.

With Level II Agreements, the parties intervene on these institutions by modifying them, declining them or introducing new rules in a manner relevant to the company fabric, within the framework of collective reference provisions and rules.

It also allows, more flexible management of working hours, derogation from the legal limit on fixed-term contracts, expansion of seasonality, and tax-free production bonuses. 2nd level bargaining is the basis of Corporate Welfare, which allows further tax and social security savings for companies. Entering into these agreements, under the guidance of Confimea Imprese, allows the company to be able to "sew on" its own contract according to company peculiarities.

Corporate Contracts

are contracts that cover issues related to the individual company where they are signed. They are signed by the union representatives present in the company and by the company itself.

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the organization of working hours in the company, the provision of a bonus linked to the achievement of certain results, the allocation of meal vouchers, the time bank, etc.

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