No. 10 - infodemia: a problem for companies


A problem for companies


The explosion of the COVID-19 pandemic has confronted companies with one of the most complex challenges in recent years and is fueling the phenomenon of the so-called Infodemic, that is, the circulation of an excessive amount of information, sometimes not sifted accurately, that makes it difficult to navigate a particular topic because of the difficulty of locating reliable sources.


It is definitely not a good time for entrepreneurs: on the one hand, the difficulty of seeing the future and on the other hand, untangling these communications that are sometimes even distorted and full of false illusions. In this situation, entrepreneurs must know how to handle critical issues and, at the same time, work out a new vision of the future with the goal of rebuilding a business that produces growth and development, but in a sustainable way.


Companies must have, internally, different and diverse souls in order to have a more complete and pluralistic knowledge of market economics so as to integrate them with Welfare policies, and thus have competitive advantages in terms of know-how.


Therefore, today, more than ever, it is necessary to introduce processes related to Industry 4.0, automation and digitization, which allow to represent a historic paradigm shift. This is an obligatory discontinuity, which consists of inserting one's enterprise into a world of globalized economy to be aware of an evolution that changes the life of an enterprise and propels it to a new entrepreneurial normality.


It is crucial for a company to ensure, therefore, that it is aware of its Assets, so that this is transformed into value, by paying attention to the particularly relevant areas, which are: funding, customer management, human resources, credit risk, technology infrastructure, and contractual regulation.

Knowledge of the market and the appreciation of being a player in it are prerequisites for an entrepreneur both for good business management and in making the right decisions.

In this pandemic period, the "Cure Italy" decree, gives the possibility to extend loans and credit lines and introduces strengthening measures through the Central Guarantee Fund; all this represents a very important measure to support the company, but, in this sense, it is necessary to weigh very well and get expert advice on whether the actions of suspension and/or extensions are really effective to the economic policy of a company or whether, perhaps, there are also other ways so as to preserve the relationship with its suppliers, its employees, the lending institutions, and thus maintain the "rating", with its indicators, on stable levels and take advantage of this historical moment, to improve, through the definition of a strategic action, the various business areas.


With the economic picture outlined in this way, it becomes absolutely necessary for entrepreneurs to make a "Scanner" of their company, enhance their Entrepreneurial Assets and thus place their business within a sustainable coherence capable of standing in markets that are no longer only national.

The enterprise today has the problem of market enlargement, that is, of investments that are up to business planning and of creating confidence in the credit system in such a way that the proposed investment plan is consistent with the numbers derived from a productivity project.


Our confederation, Confimea Imprese, is ready, with its Facilitated Finance sector, to give assistance starting from the enhancement of the company itself to rebuilding industrial planning that can restore the company's credit and confidence in the markets.


Dr. Angelo Muraca

Confimea Imprese - Facilitated Finance