the confederal structure


The confederal organs

The Confederation CONFIMEA IMPRESE, through the statutory bodies, expresses the general guidelines of the representation policy, and, through the national structure, identifies the interventions, coordinates the implementation tools and defines a development strategy for the represented sectors.

The confederal organs

The Territorial Organization

Confimea Imprese expresses on the Territory its maximum trade union activity and services to business, in fact, member entrepreneurs can bring to the attention of the Heads of the Offices the critical issues and problems of their Sector and these are in turn examined and studied by the Confederation's Study Center to then present proposals in favor of Micro and SMEs to Central and Local Institutions through the Confederation's internal Committees.

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Confimea Imprese is present throughout Italy with Federal, Regional and Provincial Offices of direct emanation, as well as through the offices of its Bilateral Body.

Roberto Nardella


Born in Loreto, in the province of Ancona, Italy, on June 24, 1951, he earned both a high school diploma and an electronic programmer's certificate, then went on to obtain a certificate in Management and Human Resource Management.

From his earliest work experiences, he demonstrated great marketing skills, which quickly led him to manage large international companies.

In 2004, with his sons Leonardo and Lorenzo, he founded the first Training Network in Italy: Interattiva Editore by Progetto Ulisse Srl, which, thanks to the experience gained in publishing and innovation, continues to stand out in the e-learning market.

His interest and study related to the Italian entrepreneurial system based on small and medium-sized businesses and their difficulties in approaching change led him, in 2007, to look for a way to support and protect them, which resulted in the creation of Confimea Imprese, "the Italian Confederation of Businesses and Crafts."

Today, the Confederation Confimea imprese has achieved considerable authority in safeguarding micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, even taking its mission to the European Parliament.

Also with a view to protecting and supporting enterprises, from 2009 to 2018, he served as a Board Member on the Board of Directors of the Interprofessional Fund for Continuing Education FondItalia and, together with the workers' union UGL- Tertiary Sector, established two Bilateral Bodies: in 2013 the General Bilateral Body and Joint Body - E.BI.GEN, in 2022 the EBG Health Body- Fund for Integrative Health in Enterprise.

For his work supporting Italian businesses toward central and local institutions, he received one of the most prestigious awards in 2018: the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement.