Confimea Mediterranean - Tunisia Agreement

Let's broaden markets for Italian companies

(Agenzia Vista) Rome, September 29, 2021

" Confimea continues to make agreements with North Africa. We signed this other Agreement with Tunisia, after having done it with Liberia. We are expanding markets for Italian companies, trying to give them more space and more market. Our internalization is based on business culture because you cannot have transfer of goods or know-how if we do not know the culture of the countries where we are going to import. Our businesses will focus on relocating products and not production sites so as not to create unemployment and bring development to Tunisia. This will make the presence of our economic system in international markets more effective because we are focused on exporting Made in Italy." So says Confimea President Roberto Nardella speaking at the event that formalized the Memorandum of Understanding with the Tunisian Cultural Association for the creation of synergies between Italian entrepreneurs and Tunisian entrepreneurs with Consul General of the Republic of Tunisia in Naples Beya Ben Abdelbaki Fraoua.

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