Bilateral Body

EBG is General Bilateral Body and Joint Body, formed by the interconfederal agreement between the employers' association CONFIMEA and the workers' union UGL.

The priorities of a Bilateral Board are to support and grow businesses and their employees, promote vocational training (apprenticeship and continuing education) and occupational safety, provide a discussion table between the worlds of employers and employees, and concretely develop projects and research of use to the world of work.

Recently, the law has begun to promote the role of bilateral bodies, also recognizing their tasks with regard to: income supplementation during periods of work suspension for workers laid off for objective or economic reasons; vocational training and refresher courses for workers and entrepreneurs; supplementation to economic benefits due in case of illness, accident and maternity; assistance and support to meet special needs of workers and their families (such as grants and supplements for health benefits) up to assistance in labor disputes.