The right to health

EBG Salute was born from the interconfederal agreement between Confimea Imprese and Ugl Terziario, with the intent of promoting the right to Health through Supplementary Health Care for employees of companies that are members of or connected to the Confederal System.
Confimea Imprese offers its members and their employees innovative welfare that covers the right to be assisted in illnesses, including past illnesses, during a person's lifetime: in fact, EBG Salute puts the person at the center as the most important element for every work activity.

Person at the Center for Sustainable Change

By putting the person at the center, EBG Health Welfare takes a big step toward sustainable change. Confederal branches will be able to bring welfare based on mutual aid to their member companies in order to give everyone Health care services, even outside working hours.

Social Security and Welfare Assistance

Providing assistance in the areas of social security and welfare, the "Solidarity Fund" is created, which will be aimed at supporting both the worker and his or her family for health-related needs that put the Family in proven difficulty.

EBG Health joins the NGO Visit Bank program, with which it will be able to take care of indigent people, strangers to the world to which it refers. An innovative and unique way of interpreting welfare that becomes the right to health. 

Dedicated portal

Confimea offers businesses a dedicated portal, where employers, by paying the membership fee, enter the name for immediate coverage, without shortages, and will be able to check all related and institutional confederal services, to protect both their business and their employees.