15 to 25 thousand euros immediate, easy, no red tape, and most importantly, no need to submit additional collateral.

This is Microcash, a new product that aims to affirm the value of microcredit as an immediate response to the need for social redemption of so many economic activities and young people who would otherwise be forced to take no action.

Microcash can be used for purchases of goods and services, payment of salaries to new employees or working partners, and expenses for training courses.

Confimea imprese make available a life-changing amount of money to anyone who does not qualify for a bank loan but intends to start a professional or business activity; a young person who wants to open a company, a start-up who aspires to develop an innovative idea or promote it in the market, a precarious or self-employed person who wants to determine his or her own future by betting on self-business.