FIDI Consortia


FIDI Consortia

Confidi come into being as an expression of the trade associations in the sectors ofindustry, of trade, ofcrafts andagriculturebased on the principles of mutuality and solidarity. Credit consortia, or guarantee cooperatives, provide the guarantees for the benefit of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises associated with Confimea Imprese, for the economic and financial consolidation of the same.

They can operate exclusively in favor of their members. This is one of the oldest and most established mutual and cooperative practices of small businesses in Italy, which over the decades has proven to be an effective tool for promoting access to credit especially for the many MPMIs (micro, small and medium-sized enterprises) lacking adequate assets or managerial skills.

FIDI Consortia, through the Confimea Confederation, are the tool that businesses have to access bank financing. In addition to these and the many other tools, working with the public administration today is an option to be taken into great consideration because working with the public administration means, for the enterprise, having greater bargaining strength in dealing with banks.

Confidi mainly carry out collective credit guarantee activities but may: