Non-Financial Budget


Non-Financial Budget

In 2014, the European Norm recommends a Non-Financial Report for Companies.

"that has a high degree of flexibility of action in order to take into account the multidimensional nature of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and the diversity of CSR policies applied by Companies, while ensuring a sufficient level of comparability to meet the needs of investors and other stakeholders, as well as the need to ensure consumers have easy access to information about Companies' impact on society."

This request lays the foundation for the birth of the Sustainability Report, which highlights the integration and communication of future prospects, external impacts both economic-financial and environmental and social that can determine success in the short and medium to long term.

The European Directive 2014/95/EU determines the obligation for large companies, which qualify as Public Interest Entities, to provide, at the time of the annual management report, a statement containing non-financial information regarding Environment, Society, People and anti-corruption, in order to assess the impact produced by their activities.

The Sustainability Report, which was created as a tool for transparency and communication, is a tool provided by Confimea Imprese to make both the company's internal human resources and external stakeholders understand what choices have been made and what positive impact the company has made for People and the Environment.