confimea patronage


Patronage service

Patronage is an additional Service made available to our Members, in fact, Patronage services are provided at the Confederal Offices.

Confimea Imprese signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Inas - Cisl to assist its members in social security and social welfare.

The action of the patronage fosters the intermediary activity between citizens and Social Security Institutions, facilitating the obtaining of benefits provided by the Welfare system.

Confimea Imprese, with Patronato Inas - Cisl, aims to defend and promote social rights - in particular the right to Health, Welfare, Assistance - on which the quality of Work depends.

Confimea Imprese offers its members and their employees, through the A.T.C., patronage services, providing assistance in the social security and socio-welfare sphere, aimed at all citizens who need protection for the acquisition of and access to rights referable to the issues of pensions and contributions, as well as income and family support measures, disability and invalidity, supplementary social security, occupational accidents and illnesses, and regulations relating to foreign citizens present in Italy and Italians abroad.

The action of the patronage unfolds in the activity of intermediation between citizens, institutions and welfare agencies, to facilitate the obtaining of benefits provided by the welfare system.

To facilitate the use of social security and social welfare rights, the patronage works in subsidiarity with institutions, social security agencies and others involved in this area, using preferential application cooperation channels for interaction with social security agencies and Inail.