Inps-Inail Association Codes


The INPS Code: W461 - Contractual Assistance Code.

It is a voluntary contribution that the employer pays to Confimea to receive confederal institutional association services to protect its business activities.
Code W461 is a fee paid for each employee and relates to Contractual/Associative Assistance that the employer pays to the Confederation, in addition to the provisions of Art.12 of the current Confederal Statute, also to benefit from union protection in case of a dispute with its employees.

Why pour this code

The company that pays Contractual Assistance to Confimea receives several benefits:

  • Free consultation on CCNL and Proximity Contracts
  • Free advice on Conciliations - no cost for the Employer Conciliator (Confimea)
  • Free consultation on Facilitated Finance and projects related to NRP
  • Free consultation on change geared toward Sustainability and Corporate Health
  • Free consultation on corporate welfare projects

In addition, for companies that pay Contractual/Associative Assistance, Confimea provides Supplementary Health Welfare at special conditions.

Health Welfare

Confimea's Health Welfare is high-profile with health coverage at all levels.

It is first and foremost a Supplementary Health Fund in that it includes:

  • Integration of the shortcomings of the NHS
  • More than 8,000 health care facilities
  • Major interventions
  • Dentistry
  • Past illnesses established - deficiencies zeroed out
  • Possibility of extending health care for the family as well
  • Possibility of TLC coverage in case of "non-self-sufficiency"

In addition, it is a Solidarity Fund because its purpose is to support both the worker and his or her family for health-related needs that put Families in proven difficulty. Finally, it is a Solidarity Health Fund because , thanks to the payment of €0.50 made by EBG Salute to the non-profit organization, even indigent people who cannot afford any health care can use the services, having guaranteed access to medical examinations and specialized diagnostic tests.

How to Pay for Contractual Assistance

In case a C.C.N.L. underwritten by Confimea is applied, the payment is paid only for Contractual and Associative Assistance. In the event that a C.C.N.L. not underwritten by Confimea is applied, the code payment is paid as an Associative Contribution, not changing, however, the function of Trade Union and Associative Assistance for the protection of the employer.

Payment of mandatory and Contractual/Associative Assistance contributions is made by F24 payment, which is due by the 16th day of the relevant month.


The INPS Code: EBG1

In the C.C.N.L.'s of Confimea Imprese is the contribution to be allocated in favor of the National Bilateral Body - E.BI.GEN., the INPS Code "EBG1."

The payment to the Corporation is calculated on the employee's gross paycheck, in which a portion is borne by the company (0.20 percent) and another, smaller portion (0.10 percent) is borne by the employee.

Since this is a compulsory contribution for companies that apply the above-mentioned contract, in the event that the company fails to pay the aforementioned fee, it is obliged to pay the worker a quid of the salary (non-absorbable), referred to in Article 171 of this C.C.N.L.

N.B.: In the event that a company applies a C.C. N.L. other than those of CONFIMEA Imprese, the company may pay to E.BI.GEN. only the share borne by the company itself in the amount of 0.20% and, since it is a voluntary payment, it will not also have to pay the share borne by the Worker; The calculation of the fee to be paid shall be made as indicated above.

The fees collected through the EBG1 code are used by the Corporation to provide member companies with aid for both training and on innovation projects. Aid is disbursed through ad hoc calls published by Ebigen.

How to make the contribution

The Payment should be made through the F24 in the "Other social security and insurance institutions" section, as per the following directions:

  1. Location code: INPS code of the company
  2. Contribution Cause: EBG1
  3. Position code: INPS matriculation no. company


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