Confimea, Bourelly: forum in Rome focused on business mission to Serbia

Confimea, Bourelly: forum in Rome focused on business mission to Serbia

A forum focused on the business mission to Serbia, organized by Mediterranean Federation President Marco Bourelly, was held in Rome at the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia. In the institutional presence of Acting Minister Counsellor in Charge of Business Affairs, TATJANA GARČEVIĆ, and Senator acting as a member of the Committee on European Union Policies, Marco Scurria, the business reality of Serbia and the innovative policies that the government is implementing to grow the country in all economic sectors were discussed, thanks to the intervention of the delegate of the Development Agency of Serbia, Dr. Nevena Jovanovic. Dr. Carlo De Simone, head of international development at SIMEST SPA, who recently opened the company's first foreign office in Belgrade, also spoke. SIMEST's action in support of investment development in the Western Balkans will also be completed with the implementation of subsidized financing for SMEs.

Serbia, considered the natural and "modern" bridge between East and West, is a stable and dynamic country, with an attractive open access market for most goods. Serbia is therefore of great strategic importance; in fact, it is at the center of the Western Balkans Region, an area with great potential for the international growth of the Italian production fabric.

In addition, Belgrade will host EXPO 2027, another great market and investment opportunity for Italian companies.

In his speech, President Marco Bourelly, reiterated the great importance of the ongoing synergy between Italian and Serbian institutions to strengthen bilateral cooperation and the business fabric of the two countries and thanked for the great participation the companies present at the forum and interested in being part of this exchange.

Minister Counselor Tatjana Garcevic concluded by thanking for the cooperation hoping that the trend of growth and trade exchange between Serbia and Italy will continue to increase in the future.