Who we are

who we are

Our mission is the Protection and Development of small and medium-sized enterprises of all sectors.

CONFIMEA IMPRESE is an employer's confederation of small and medium-sized Italian companies that associates more than 319,656 companies with a total of 4,012,330 employees and is an important interlocutor for institutions, the trade union and the business world.

CONFIMEA IMPRESE is a category association accredited in the Transparency Register of the European Parliament with EU Accreditation Number 381489842559-09.

CONFIMEA IMPRESE is a Confederation of Employers' Associations grouped into Federations operating in the service, service, small business industrial, commercial, craft, agricultural, professional labor, liberal professions and self-employment sectors in general.

Confederation CONFIMEA IMPRESE works with companies in order to pursue fundamental goals in innovation,

in representativeness, protection, employer-union world and internationalization. It carries out intense activity committed to fostering, through the:

The CONFIMEA IMPRESE Confederation's system of representation is both territorial, provincial organizations, with regional grouping systems, and categorical with national trade organizations.

The Confederation CONFIMEA IMPRESE, through the statutory bodies, expresses the general guidelines of the representation policy, and, through the national structure, identifies the interventions, coordinates the implementation tools and defines a development strategy for the represented sectors.

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Confimea Enterprises and the Territory

60 Locations A.T.C. - Confimea Territorial Association
220 Locations S.T.A. - Direct Emanation Locations E.Bi. Gen
98 Locations of C.A.A. - Agricultural Association Center
2 Locations of C.A.E. - Ecological Association Center
198 Locations IN - Training Centers