Asconauto joins confimea

"Imagine. Us. Tomorrow."


This is the title AsConAuto has chosen for its general states: an opportunity to take stock of the association 14 years after its inception.

"Today," said President Dr. Fabrizio Guidi, "we can present AsConAuto 2.0. Our association, in fact, has equipped itself with new 'tools' to project itself into the future and gain representativeness at institutions.

The first Consortia were 21 years ago and 14 years are the years of our Association's existence. Quite an achievement in terms of numbers, business, and aggregation. Especially in these difficult years.

But the crisis has weighed and weighs heavily: as the Italian dealer network, in 7 years, has shrunk by more than 40 percent and more than 1,200 VAT numbers that no longer exist. However, there was a difference between those who faced it inside a Consortium or inside Asconauto and those outside:

- Solidarity instead of indifference;

- A chance to reclaim a role, instead of falling into oblivion

And the results of doing more of this, we intend to offer them directly to the Dealers who, as members of our Consortia, own them and therefore own ASCONAUTO.

But we are clear that not all Concessionaires have chosen to be in a Consortium and not all existing Consortia have chosen to be in Asconauto.

So it is not enough to say that what we are doing is enough or ,just, that we still have much to do: we need to look "beyond" our lush garden.

But, as of tonight, we want to start talking about another idea of Asconauto: that of 2016, because, by then, we hypothesize to have an Association that can address all Dealers who want to be part of it. Directly, without the step from the Consortium.

When we started thinking about funded training, we came into contact with a Fund (Fonditalia) and a "new" Confederation..: CONFIMEA, whose president you met tonight : a volcano of doing!

By choosing to be part of it, we have seen the rabbit come out, by itself, of the hat: through our membership in Confimea, we have become an 'employer/union association, which can offer services, have and give protections.This, will give us the possibility of being, progressively, for the Dealerships, the Association of reference for services that will be designed ad hoc, not like those addressed to us so far indiscriminately by Trade or Industry, But like those of the Automotive sector (schedules, contracts, training etc.)."

There was much talk in Erba about both Carta Valore, an app that facilitates dialogue between dealers; AutoAffariStore, a portal for buying and selling used cars; and joining Confimea, an employers' confederation of small and medium-sized Italian companies, represented at the event by President Roberto Nardella, who focused on the automotive contract being worked on.

"We will present it," he stressed, "as early as in the coming months. It is a very important step forward because it takes into account key parameters for dealers, such as merit evaluation, performance review and specificity of hours with extended weekend openings."