Advance Invoices

he Invoice Advance Service makes it possible to anticipate the collection of trade receivables, increasing cash flow and leaving the creditworthiness of the entrepreneur (Assignor) intact because the use of this Service does not appear in the Central Risk Register and consequently the Entrepreneur's Banking Institution does not detect it.

Advantages of Advance on Invoice

- Liquidity;

- Significant improvement in credit rating;

- Planning Security following the assignment of an Operating Limit (Overdraft).

- Increase in working capital in a short period of time.

- Improved relations with one's Suppliers because having more capital allows one to pay on a regular basis.

Benefits for the Transferring Company:

In the traditional Banking System, the Entrepreneur is subject to increasingly stringent scrutiny that often leads to the revocation of Bank Overdrafts granted and/or the revocation of the Castellets granted, while, since the Invoice Advance is a Service, the requested transaction does not appear in the banking circuit and by not showing up in the Central Risk and Income Statement, the Entrepreneur improves the Creditworthiness of his Company.

Benefits for the Transferred Company:

The company can request to reschedule commercial agreements regarding payment time or a possible discount (this condition can also be a selling point for the assignor as it is an option to propose to those assignees who are reluctant to assign)

The Entrepreneur (Transferred) can in turn use the Invoice Advance Service against its Customers as an additional channel for financing its working capital.

Criteria for use of the Service


1) Partnerships and Capital Companies, excluding Sole Proprietorships and Professionals;

2) Minimum turnover of 350,000.00 euros;

3) At least nr 1 filed Financial Statements, Newco's are excluded;

4) All Sectors;

5) Excluding Public Administration.


1) Capital Companies;

2) Minimum turnover of 700,000.00 euros;

3) Excluding Public Administration;

4) Excluding Foreign.

5) Excluding Infragroup

Documents Required in the Preliminary Stage

- Chamber Visura

- Last Budget

- Documents Administrator

- Copy of nr 1 Invoice (Sold)

- No. 3 Bank Account Statements (where customer payments are shown)

- Provisional Budget Current Year

- IBAN code for crediting the Flows

- SDI Code

- PEC address

- Risk Central(if the Assignor requests Operational Limits greater than 100,000.00 Euros).


How to Apply for Service

- The Company applies to Activate for Invoice Advance Service by submitting the Form and documentation;

- Active do prevalence;

- Attiva sends the requesting Company the outcome of the prevalence and upon positive prevalence sends the Company the description of the cost of the Service and the Consulting Agreement between the Company and Attiva;

- After the Consulting Agreement is signed, the Assignor is uploaded to the Platform;

- The Call Center of the Invoice Advance Party contacts the Transferring Company to confirm the data and issue the credentials to access the Platform;

- Activates uploads the records of the Assignees to the Platform for the assessment of the Assignees themselves, in order, to define the Operational Limit;

- Positive Instructional Outcome - Loading Invoices;

- Disbursement of 90% of the loaded Invoice amount.


From the Invoice Advance Request to the disbursement of the Advance takes about 15 to 20 days.

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